Gardening Volunteer Vacation:  October 17-24, 2016

Health Care Volunteer Vacation: twice a year, in the spring (April 2-16, 2016) and fall (October 8-15, 2016)

Mali Volunteer Vacation: temporarily on hold


The Tandana Foundation offers volunteer vacations for adults and families.  These trips bring together diverse groups of individuals united by a desire to learn, grow, share and contribute in the communities they visit.  They offer opportunities to experience life in Ecuadorian or Malian communities; exchange ideas with locals of different perspectives, ages, and vocations; and to give and receive joy. 

Contact us at info@tandanafoundation.org for more information and go here for information on financial assistance.

Thank you for believing in relationships.  We were so welcomed into this community because of seeds you had sown on prior visits. The willingness of the people of Kansongho to share their lives with us has profoundly impacted me. May my own words and actions as I continue this journey home and through the rest of my days bring this village honor.
--Julie, volunteer from Minnesota

You will go home absolutely overwhelmed by what you saw, who you met, what you've learned, and how your heart has expanded.  You will be inspired to exceed your own expectations of yourself.

-- Jim, volunteer from Montana