Supporting achievement of community goals and addressing global inequalities through caring intercultural relationships in Ecuador's Otavalo Canton and Mali's Bandiagara District

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                                                                   2020 Winner

The Eclipse Integrity Awards are presented to organizations demonstrating significant, unique and continuous commitment to trust and fair play in the marketplace and in day-to-day living. The finalists embody support of your BBB’s ideals. These nonprofits demonstrate outstanding community service through their mission and accomplishments, as well as demonstrate excellence in programs and fiscal stewardship. In addition, they operate with integrity through ethical leadership and a strong team and are transparent in their communications. Likewise, they value the power of collaborations/partnerships. Their actions make a positive impact on the vitality and overall health of our community.


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Tandana’s founder receives this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award from The Wellington School

In recognition of the impact of her international service efforts and her impact on the school, Anna Taft, founder of The Tandana Foundation, was recently honored with the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award by The Wellington School in Columbus, Ohio. Taft, who graduated from Wellington in 1997, was the fifth member of the school’s alumni to … Continue reading "Tandana’s founder receives this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award from The Wellington School"


A safe well, and a new world of partnership

Work has recently been completed on the Komberou Well project in Mali, and it is now providing clean, reliable water to the 800 residents of Komberou. The residents of Komberou were responsible for breaking and transporting the four loads of stones, sand, and gravel to the construction site that were needed to complete the work … Continue reading "A safe well, and a new world of partnership"


A reminder that our power as humans lies in our relationships

It’s no secret that the life of a college student is hectic. This year, especially, I have become caught up in the hamster wheel of success and looking towards what is next. It seems like there are always essay deadlines and group project meetings. My Google calendar is filled with notifications and obligations. I … Continue reading "A reminder that our power as humans lies in our relationships"


A look at the multiple phases of the community projects volunteers work on

The highlight of any Tandana volunteer venture is the community project. This is a project proposed by community members and then paired with an upcoming volunteer group that will best be able to contribute. As a Program Coordinator for The Tandana Foundation, it is one of my responsibilities to facilitate and organize the logistics of … Continue reading "A look at the multiple phases of the community projects volunteers work on"


Newfound confidence and abilities

The Tandana Foundation organizes and supports a number of women’s programs in the Bandiagara District of Mali, including literacy, numeracy, and leadership courses and income-generating activities. The following blog contains a recent update from a literacy and leadership student who shares a story of what she was able to accomplish through participating in the courses. … Continue reading "Newfound confidence and abilities"