The Tandana Foundation seeks motivated, compassionate, competent individuals to become a part of our organization. Tandana offers a variety of internships in Ecuador, with opportunities to work in education, public health, environment, coordinating volunteer programs, and other areas.  Seasonally, we also hire Group Coordinators to lead our Volunteer Ventures and service projects.  The rewards of these jobs are unique and often unexpected.

Details are available through the links below.

Current Openings

External link opens in new tab or windowEcuador Program Manager

 -- Currently filled. For future interest please send resume & cover letter.

Program Coordinator

-- Currently filled. For future interest please send resume & cover letter.


Internships and Fellowships

-- Always available


Group Coordinators

-- Occasional openings from time to time. Contact us for more details.


Stories and Reflections from Interns:


Inside Tandana’s Virtual Host Family Program

To continue making and fostering global connections through their work, The Tandana Foundation adapted its ESL (English as a second language) and storytelling internship positions in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the community’s and the interns’ well-being this summer, Tandana hired Mallory Woods from Pennsylvania and Hannah Nivar from … Continue reading "Inside Tandana’s Virtual Host Family Program"


Learning by Doing: An Internship with Tandana

By Camille Greenfield I must say it is hard to pick one moment that best describes my time with Tandana, as a part of the horticultural internship. However, there is one memory in particular that occurred in the first few weeks, which would have a major impact on my future projects. My host family had … Continue reading "Learning by Doing: An Internship with Tandana"


More Than One Home

By Melissa Seehausen During Tandana Orientation, I almost always volunteered to introduce the Tandana blog and find a volunteer from the group to write a blog post. “It’ll be fun and easy!” I sang. To all those who I placated with this claim, consider this my formal apology. I returned from Otavalo, Ecuador, from Tandana, … Continue reading "More Than One Home"


Mix of Traditional and Western Medicine

By Joanna Caldwell During one of my first days working with the Tandana Foundation, I went to a foundation in Otavalo called Vista Para Todos with a few patients to see an ophthalmologist. The patients’ eyes were burning and itching, and the doctor prescribed each of them the same medicine and also recommended they wash … Continue reading "Mix of Traditional and Western Medicine"


What Connects Two Worlds: Sharing Experiences and Strengthening Relationships

By Shannon Cantor “Click here to confirm your flights.” I was prompted by the small tablet screen. “Ida: Quito-Baltimore, December 19, 2016; Vuelta: Baltimore-Quito, December 26, 2016.” I had just talked to my mom, and my grandmother was sick. Her birthday is the day after Christmas, and no one knew how many more she would have. … Continue reading "What Connects Two Worlds: Sharing Experiences and Strengthening Relationships"