Intercultural sharing, learning, and friendship are important to our mission.  You can join us in person in Ecuador or online for intercultural programs.  During the pandemic, we are focusing on remote opportunities, including Virtual Ventures for individuals and a variety of options for groups.  As soon as travel becomes responsible again, we plan to resume our travel volunteer programs in Ecuador, and when the security situation allows, in Mali too.

Remote Opportunities

Virtual Ventures

Online intercultural opportunities for individuals

Remote Connection

A variety of ways for your class, group, or club to connect online with Tandana partners in Ecuador and Mali

Upcoming Volunteer Ventures in Ecuador:

October 17-24, 2022

Health Care Volunteer Venture:

March 26 - April 2, 2022

April 2 - April 9, 2022
October 8-15, 2022

Join Tandana on an adventure of a lifetime! We offer open enrollment volunteer ventures for adults and families as well as custom group volunteer programs for all ages. These trips bring together diverse individuals united by a desire to learn, grow, share and contribute in the communities they visit. They provide opportunities to experience life in Ecuadorian or Malian communities; exchange ideas with locals of different perspectives, ages, and vocations; and to give and receive joy.  

Did you know that your trip with Tandana is a net zero emission trip? Click External link opens in new tab or windowhere for more details.

The results are in! After taking a brief post-program survey:

90% of respondents say that they would participate in a Tandana program again.


96% of respondents say that they would recommend a Tandana program to others.


97% of respondents say that they feel that this experience has helped them grow in a positive way.

For a taste of what our trips are like, watch this short video...

"You will go home absolutely overwhelmed by what you saw, who you met, what you've learned, and how your heart has expanded.  You will be inspired to exceed your own expectations of yourself."

-- Jim, volunteer from Montana


A shared philosophy of mutual support and learning

All program coordinators dedicated to social justice and civic engagement are faced with the challenges of community engagement and community building due to the pandemic’s social distancing requirements. How do you connect with others and make substantive change in your community without being able to interact with others or physically enter into a community? My -; Continue reading "A shared philosophy of mutual support and learning"


Tandana’s program coordinator conducts important research into supporting Latinx college students study abroad

As part of her master’s in international education, Nicole Melendez, one of The Tandana Foundation’s program coordinators in Ecuador, completed a research project called “Supporting Latinx College Students Study Abroad.” Melendez specifically looked at U.S. students who identify as Latinx who are studying at post-secondary institutions across America. Español Français Through using surveys and conducting -; Continue reading "Tandana’s program coordinator conducts important research into supporting Latinx college students study abroad"


On the fruits of intercultural friendship: a story of Northeastern students in the Gualapuro community

As part of the Northeastern University Alliance of Civically Engaged Students (NU|ACES), a group of students visited the community of Gualapuro, Ecuador for a week-long service trip with The Tandana Foundation. I spoke with many members of the group about their experience on the trip and how the trip inspired them to launch several different "; Continue reading "On the fruits of intercultural friendship: a story of Northeastern students in the Gualapuro community"


The translators behind the Tandana blog

There is a special network behind each story that is published on this blog. Since each blog is published in English, French, and Spanish, every story needs to be translated from its original language into the other languages. To do that, The Tandana Foundation is thankful for the help of many dedicated individuals from around -; Continue reading "The translators behind the Tandana blog"


A reminder that our power as humans lies in our relationships

It’s no secret that the life of a college student is hectic. This year, especially, I have become caught up in the hamster wheel of success and looking towards what is next. It seems like there are always essay deadlines and group project meetings. My Google calendar is filled with notifications and obligations. I *; Continue reading "A reminder that our power as humans lies in our relationships"