The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading quickly throughout the world, affecting all of us in different ways.

In Mali, we are helping our partner communities, who have no access to running water and limited access to public health information, limit the spread of COVID-19.  Our team has done hundreds of education sessions on preventing the spread of coronavirus and distributed dozens of hand wash stations to make it more practical to follow health guidelines.  We are also supporting a hospital and local health centers with supplies they need to care for their patients.

So far, we have:

  • Installed 90 large hand wash stations at health centers, schools, mosques, churches, bus stations, and other public places
  • Provided supplies and PPE for 5 health centers and 1 hospital
  • Hosted 530 education sessions in 82 villages on preventing the spread of the virus
  • Provided 570 small hand wash setups for women's associations, other groups, and families
  • Distributed 3,026 masks
  • Produced and broadcast two radio programs about preventing the spread of COVID

With your help, we hope to:
  • Continue to provide radio broadcasts about COVID

In Ecuador, strict distancing measures have strained the ability of some community members to access food and medicine and exacerbated educational inequalities as school has gone online.  We are supporting health center staff with supplies and transportation so that they can visit patients in the communities and deliver needed medications.  We are supporting our scholarship students with additional expenses as they resourcefully access the internet from their mountain communities to keep up with assignments.

So far, we have:

  • Provided 1,000 tubes and 500 swabs for COVID-19 testing to the Ministry of Health
  • Provided medications, supplies, and PPE to 2 health centers and 1 hospital including 200 disposable masks, 100 KN95 masks and 40 fluid resistant isolation gowns.
  • Funded transportation for staff from these 2 health centers to visit the communities for which they are responsible to provide care to 335 patients and deliver medications
  • Provided internet access to scholarship students so they could complete the school year
  • Provided food baskets to 673 families particularly affected by the pandemic
  • Offered online summer school for 21 students starting in our scholarship program

  • Provided 1,280 masks to 21 communities
  • Provided 3 education sessions that benefited 88 people in 18 different communities.

With your help, we hope to:

  • Continue to provide advocacy and support to patients who need urgent or specialized medical and vision care as they access treatments through the Ministry of Public Health, Vista Para Todos, and other foundations.
  • Continue to provide transportation for health center staff to visit patients in the communities