The nine months I spent with Tandana opened my eyes to the complexity and beauty of the world around us. Was it easy? No. I spent hours meeting with local leaders and working hard to create trips for volunteers that fit the needs of participants and the communities where we worked. It was the adventure of a lifetime. It was also an unprecedented opportunity to learn hands-on skills that I was never taught in a classroom.... Before the internship, I was a college graduate with a dead-end office job. Now I'm an experienced international program coordinator who works all over Latin America. My internship also helped me earn a merit scholarship to my dream graduate school!"     

-- Lizzie Falconer, former intern

Blogs by past interns and long-term volunteers

 To get an idea of what it's like to work with Tandana as an intern, check out these blogs:

Tandana currently offers a year-long Program Leadership Fellowship as well as internships in public health, ESL teaching, a summer ESL program, environmental work, storytelling, and information technology. See below for descriptions.